Epigram against drinking

  • Posted on: 6 April 2010
  • By: David Thrale

I made an Epigram today against drinking; the Town raves so about the prince of Wales getting drunk till he breaks His Blood Vessells.—Sir Richd Jebb would like the Verses very well I fancy— here they are1

Of various Ills our Prince complains,
Rheumatic Aches, & Gouty Pains;
Sir Richard2 cries I can but think
These Evils all proceed from Drink;
My Royal Patient change your Course,
Of all these Symptoms Wine's the Source;
The Fountain whence these Sorrows spring,
It is indeed—the Wine's the Thing.
If says the Prince you thus explain
My Case—the Remedy is plain:
'Tis a hot Summer,—l'll e'en try
To drink this fatal Fountain dry.

Written by Hester Lynch Thrale. Thraliana entry dated 3 June 1781.

  • 1. "They are imitated from an old Latin Epigram. & that from a Greek one I believe." Mrs Thrale.
  • 2. Sir Richard Jebb, the Kings Physician

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