Richard and Mary Thrale grave 1755

  • Posted on: 17 September 2009
  • By: David Thrale

St. Leonards' Church, Sandridge in August 2000.The location of the tomb can be seen in this picture of St. Leonards' Church. You will have to look carefully as it is very small on this picture - look below the tree and above the path on the far left-hand edge!

 Headstone of Susanah Thrale died 1751

This is inscribed…

Adjoining to this side of the Tomb
lies the Remains of
late of the Pound Farm Sandridge
& Husband of the above MARY THRALE
who Died Aug:.19th.1755 Aged 66 Years

End grave for Richard Thrale and Mary Manfield
The end plaque is inscribed…

The Opening
of the Vault
his 3 Foot 6 Inch
from the End
of the Tomb.

Headstone of Richard Thrale and Mary Manfield