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Hi my name is Alan Thrale, and find myself very interested in your efforts to building the Thrale family tree. My father was Alfred Henry Thrale aged 62 but sadly passed away in 1988. His father was called William they were from Woolwich, London.

Alan Thrale

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Hi Alan. Great to hear from you.

The Woolwich and Charlton Thrale's are a branch which don't feature too much in the family tree. I am however making some progress at finding how some of these Thrale's fit it. It is only a matter of time before we work out how they all fit in. I am currently also in contact with Jill Thrale who is part of the Woolwich Thrale's, do please let me know if you know of her branch.

I have three Alfred Thrale's of which only one could remotely be your father (I'd be surprised if it is). That Alfred Thrale has a brother called David Eric Thrale and their mother was Elsie Utting and their father whose forename is not known to me was born in the Plumstead area. Is this your father's family?

I also know that an William Charles Thrale (who I have not yet been able to fit into the Thrale family tree) had his birth registered in Woolwich in July - September 1873. This looks a little early for your grandfather.

I also have found a William Thrale (again not yet on the Thrale family tree) who had his birth registered in Woolwich in July - September 1896. This would have made this William Thrale around 30 when your father was born - very promising!

The FreeBMD website shows that a William Thrale of Woolwich registered a marriage in December 1893. He married Rose Sims. Is Rose your grandmother?

Do have a look at the registered births, deaths and marriages that I have logged so far.

Do please let me know if any of this fits. If so, tracing things further back is a bit easier. owner: David Thrale | My blog | Family motto: In cruce confido