Angela Morgan-Thrall

Just like to say that i am very excited about finding this website.

I am starting to look up my family history. I am from Nottingham, England and as far as I know my fathers family is from the Nottinghamshire area.

I am currently living in Sydney, Australia. Looking forward to finding out more about the Thrall ancestors and their history!

Angela Morgan-Thrall

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Angela, nice to hear from you. I am pleased that you liked

I have some information about the Thralls from Nottinghamshire, and I'd love to add whatever you may know to what I have. I have found that the quickest way to track down your family history is to share what you know - however small - with others.

Why not type out what you know as far back as you can go and email it to me? Even if you only know your father / grandfather, that would be very useful information. owner: David Thrale | My blog | Family motto: In cruce confido