Andrew Thrall, born 1843, Canada

My great grandfather was Andrew Thrall, born 1843 in Canada to Lester Thrall and Juba Herrick. Later lived in Michigan.

Could he be part of your Thrall family? This is all the information I have on him.

Diane Burns.

Andrew Thrall is also my great grandfather. He was married four times and had several children. I have seen all of the marriage records. I know of the four or five from my great grandmother Myrtle Howse, plus two or three from one of the other wives. He is a family tree in and of himself. My history is on

I am lost with Lester Thrall and Juba/jubia/zuba/jubria/jubia (whatever her name is) Herrick however. I cannot get any history beyond them. I have seen all of Andrews marriage records. His mother's name is spelled differently on all of them.