Charles Holmes Thrall - the spy

  • Posted on: 17 September 2009
  • By: David Thrale

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My name is Andrea Mansel, I am from Germany and I am writing my thesis about an American author who got involved in the Spanish-American War. My inquiry is: How truthful is the information posted here? It seems like this site is run by the descendants of the Thrall family. In the books that I have researched, there is some information about Charles H. Thrall, but they say he worked for the New York World and not for the New York Daily Telegram. Is the Daily Telegram some sort of office of the World? Were those two different papers? I would appreciate an answer.
Paula Mansel

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I am very pleased to hear about your interest. I am sorry I do not recall the source of this information. I obtained this in my early days of my interest in the history of my Thrall cousins in the States, and at that time was less diligent about citing the sources of information. Sorry.

If you do discover any more, I'd be very grateful if you could share this with us here. Good luck. owner: David Thrale | My blog | Family motto: In cruce confido

You may be interested to know that Stephen Crane, the renowned author of The Red Badge of Courage, wrote about Charles H. Thrall for the New York World, May 8, 1898. Crane interviewed him on a warship off the coast of Cuba.

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