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I am a free genealogist with the web site On their menu scroll down to Mickey and Tena's page. Also on their general links you will see me and my site dedicated to my sister Mickey Tarkington Delatte. I am the lady with the hat on so we you know who we are talking to.

Our webmaster and I were yesterday discussing and comparing it with ours. Very nice indeed. I am also know by my nickname "Tena".

Christine Tarkington Kelley

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Thanks for the kind comments about I'm glad that you liked the site.

I must say that I did like It is well laid out. in a nice clear font. I liked the humour page and the random genealogy quotes on the top of the pages. Did you create the site from scratch, or are you using scripts and databases from other sources? owner: David Thrale | My blog | Family motto: In cruce confido

David my sister and I started researching our heritage back in 1960. I carried it until 1969 then handed it back to her as I had adopted a baby boy. Then she really took the ball and ran with it, hiring a historian in England and on this side she ran, wrote, visited, called, you name it, every Archive, Library, Bureau of Vital stastics, Deed, Courthouse. Then she started having health problems. A couple of strokes so it was turned back to me and I have like her just got back from Dyersburg Tenn, Tarkington Prairie.

So then one of my numerous cousins, and I have gotten to the point. I don't rack my brain and say 1st, 2nd, 3rd and on down the line they are my cousins. But any some Tarkington relatives said let's get a web site or a story in the making and without your and Mickey's stuff we won't have much. I said get it and let's go for it.

Most every one got real encouraged and started sending in request for who is my Gr, Gr, Grandmother etc. We had a message board and are fixing to put it back on, so people can enquire who and where. I dropped out more or less this last year as I had a knee replacement and caused me to have five herniated discs. I gave my cousins a chance to write their book and now lets get down to the nitty-gritty of letting our people know for free as that's the way it was supposed to be from the beginning where they came from and so forth.

You all should have a pretty easy time as your name like ours is pretty rare. Guess you will note I have more or less brought us back to 1350. Yes look at jolly ole England when it was called Lyn nye (just going from memory) meaning the pool at the bottom of the hill. We have filed a lot of info with L.D.S. But I'm pretty much back on my own although some of my cousins have come in with their information.

I did have an L.S.U. student at the beginning and she had ties to TruePath and was a good Christian girl and wanted to start with them and too I wanted to put the good, the bad and the indifferent Ha. So will be back into the swing of things, but this time will be sending my write ups for posting at It will be less time consuming for me.

I am so glad you wrote & my sister will be pleased. I run everything off on the printer and take to her. Her strokes have always affected her speech. She is doing quite well and chomping at the bit so to speak to get back on the ball and bring her some stuff so she can correct my mistakes!