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Death date of Thomas Thrall born 1 July 1676

Do you have the death date of Thomas Thrall of Connecticut born 1 July 1676 married to Elizabeth Hoskins on 11-2-1690s?

Patricia Angeli.

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I'm not too sure whether what I have ties up with your query, but here goes any way. I have a Thrall tree that lists a Thomas Thrall born in Windsor, Connecticut on 10 July 1676 (note the different date, you gave 1st July). This shows no wife. His parents are shown as Timothy Thrall and Deborah GUNN.

If this is the same Thomas Thrall, I have no death date for him.

Do let me know if it is the same, so I can add his wife's details. owner: David Thrale | My blog | Family motto: In cruce confido

Yes, this is the same thrall. He was married to Elizabeth Hoskins. I cannot find her death date either. I suspect that they may have moved out of the area. Hope this helps.

Martha Thrall who married Nathaniel Pinney was a direct ancestor. She was Nathaniel's wife so she is a great grandmother several generations back. My mother is a Pinney directly descended from Humphrey Pinney one of the original settlers of Windsor.

Patricia Angeli