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A few reflections

  • Posted on: 21 September 2009
  • By: David Thrale

We have but little control over the involuntary motions of our system, such as the circulation of the blood, or the action of the heart; or over our nerves or the action of the brain; or over our respiration or the action of the lungs. Often our digestive system is not to be controlled. Our liver will sometimes fail to perform its functions, and we can not always control our thoughts or our reasoning faculties. We can not stop their acting. A derangement of any of these functions may quickly or slowly produce disease or death. Our life hangs, as it were, upon a thread. Our system is “;a harp of a thousand strings.”; It is well to remember in how many thousand different ways a person may lose his life. Often it is that persons have no conception of the nearness of their end. Many thousands meet death in the full vigor of body and mind, without any warning. When we reflect upon these facts, they should remind us that our life here is but, a state of probation, and that it is our duty and business to prepare for another more permanent.

The writer believes the Christian religion points out the only true course for man to pursue. His experience and observation of over sixty years prove to him that those who enjoy the blessings of Christianity realize in this world far more happiness and peace of mind than do those who are destitute of it; besides the comforting hope of a pure enjoyment through an endless eternity.

When we reflect that to obtain the Christian religion, which costs nothing, the blessings of which are so great and permanent, and the danger of not having it so immensely hazardous, we may wonder why a rational person can be a moment at ease without it. He believes that every person of ordinary mind who is anxious to investigate the truth of Christianity, and would, free from bias, examine the evidences of it; by carefully searching the scriptures, and Jennins “;Internal Evidences of Christianity,”; and a few other such tracts, be would, as did Dr. Franklin, Patrick Henry, Alexander Hamilton; and many others, be satisfied that it was his duty, and happiness, here and hereafter, to follow the precepts and examples of Christ, and feel that he was prepared to leave this for another world.

Walter G Thrall

Thanks to Sharon Thrall Becker Sharon Thrall Becker, whose kind assistance and contribution helped to bring this information to you.