Grammatical suggestion

As someone interested in Samuel Johnson and 18th century English letters, I was thrilled to discover, which provides invaluable information on these subjects and on the remarkable Hester Thrale, whose Anecdotes and other writings I've read and shared with others., both in its content and its excellent design, represents the best use the Web can be put to. The amount of time your labour of love will save researchers and devotees is immeasurable.

I hope it won't be presumptuous to point out that the note accompanying Mrs. Thrale's writings seems to have a grammatical flaw. May I offer the following alternative:

Hester Thrale's spelling, grammar and capitalisation, some of which may not conform to today's standards, are reproduced faithfully throughout.

I point out this trivial matter in the interest of appeasing the irascible ghost of Dr. Johnson, should it ever wander onto I imagine that said ghost must be in an ever-deepening foul mood, since it has had to keep its legendary mouth shut for over 200 years while countless volumes, starting with your famous relatives, appear about its life and works.

Again, thank you rendering a real service to the Thrale family and to people interested in learning about it.

Tim Aurthur