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Marriage registrations

Here are our incomplete transcriptions of the Family Record Centre's indexes for Thrale and Thrall individuals in England and Wales. Records are broken into quarters. For example, a birth registered between 1 January and 31 March, will be shown as Jan-Feb-Mar. Some births may have taken place in the quarter preceding that in which they were registered.

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Year Quarter Forename(s) Surname Mothers maiden name Registration district Page Volume Have certificate?sort descending Note Record
1962 Qtr 3: Jul-Aug-Sep Doreen J Thrale Holdstock Wandsworth 1658 5d view
1880 Qtr 4: Oct-Nov-Dec Richard Alwen Thrale Croydon 441 2a view
1917 Qtr 4: Oct-Nov-Dec William W Thrall Abbies Hitchin 1567 3a view
1907 Qtr 2: Apr-May-Jun Leonorah Parker Thrall Nottingham 692 7b view
1895 Qtr 4: Oct-Nov-Dec Elizabeth Thrall Mansfield 221 7b view
1929 Qtr 4: Oct-Nov-Dec Lucy Thrall Reeves Doncaster 1824 9c view
1869 Qtr 1: Jan-Feb-Mar Charles Thrail Woolwich 914 1d view
1874 Qtr 4: Oct-Nov-Dec Elizabeth Mary Thrale St Olave 418 1d view
1912 Qtr 4: Oct-Nov-Dec Peter R A Thrale Pope Croydon 716 2a view
1921 Qtr 1: Jan-Feb-Mar

No Thrale or Thrall entries