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Marshalswick, Sandridge, Hertfordshire, England

Marshalswick, Sandridge, Hertfordshire, England


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Marshalswick was owned by the Thrale family from c.1630 to 1768 by Richard Thrale (1617-1690), son Richard (d.1711) & grandson Thomas (b.1696). In 1768, the Thrale family were forced to mortgage Marshalswick, and it was eventually surrendered.

The Marshalswick branch of the Thrales produced the famous Thrale Streatham family: (Ralph Thrale M.P.,, Henry Thrale, and Hester Thrale née Salusbury) with its Johnsonian connections.

The name Marshalswick comes from John and William Marschal who owned land between 1271 and 1377, and Wick which meant 'hamlet', 'town' or 'village' in Old English.

Marshalswick Mansion House

In 1769, Samuel Martin bought Marshalswick which was occupied by Major Richardson.

By 1788, Martin had died, 2nd Earl Spencer declined to purchase and Charles Bouchier of Tittenhanger purchased the estate. He changed the name of the main house to Sandridge Lodge.

In 1802, Mr Strode bought the estate, followed by the Marten family in 1803, who restored the name Marshalswick in 1818. In 1824 they added a west wing.

In 1826, bachelor George Marten inherited the estate and lived there for fifty years. In 1888 the estate was said to be 809 acres.

In 1921, Marshalswick was sold for £22,000 and 127 acres of private houses were developed.

In 1927, the house was pulled down and replaced with two lodges that are now known as 1 Marshals Drive and 191 Marshalswick Lane.

Marshalswick Farm

In 1880, the building at Marshalswick Farm was described in the Herts Advertiser newspaper following the murder of the farmer Edward Anstee and the subsequent hanging of convicted killer Thomas Wheeler. The description was …
A dwelling of red brick with a portico and bow drawing-room window projecting beyond the other parts of the building. The back of the house was enclosed in a small court so frequently seen at older farmsteads. The house, very nicely furnished, consisted of a drawing room, dining room and kitchen on the ground floor with four bedrooms on the first floor and some other accommodation above.
In the 1930s, Marshalswick Farm was sold for the building of private housing and The Quadrant shopping precinct. The only remaining historic building is the old brewhouse on Marshals Drive.

Location : Latitude: 51.767543500000016, Longitude: -0.3063565


Village shield
Wick Farmhouse, Marshalwick by Jane Marten in 1825
Marshal's Wick Mansion by Caroline Blake in 1825

The Hertfordshire Descent of Henry Thrale
The Hertfordshire Descent of Henry Thrale
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1 Thrale, Richard  Marshalswick, Sandridge, Hertfordshire, England I284 UK Thrale family 
2 Thrale, Richard  1630Marshalswick, Sandridge, Hertfordshire, England I125 UK Thrale family 
3 Thrale, Thomas  Marshalswick, Sandridge, Hertfordshire, England I312 UK Thrale family 
4 Thrale, Thomas  Marshalswick, Sandridge, Hertfordshire, England I318 UK Thrale family 
5 Thrale, Thomas  1728Marshalswick, Sandridge, Hertfordshire, England I312 UK Thrale family 
6 Thrale, Thomas  1768Marshalswick, Sandridge, Hertfordshire, England I312 UK Thrale family