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Fannie C Thrall

Female 1889 - Yes, date unknown


1874 family bible inscription

The Bible was printed in 1850 by the New York: American Bible Society and is inscribed on the inside cover - presumably in Emily's handwriting - as follows …

"Emily B. Thrall's Book 1874"

Between the Old Testament and the New Testament is a blank page with the printed heading …

"Family record"

Under this heading in the same handwriting is inscribed…

"Eugene B Thrall Born July 25th 1875"
"Fred A Thrall Born Feb'y 21st 1877"
"Lucien L Thrall Born Sept 29th 1879."

These children' entries were written sometime between 1879 and 1789 (before a fourth child Fannie C. Thrall was born).


On 6 January 2006, David Thrale received an email from Jim Walsh about the family bible of Emily Thrall née Bowhanan. Jim said …
"I have in my possession a bible for some 50 years. I found it in a book store in the used book section some 40 to 45 years ago in Nassau County, New York. I have kept it all these years because I felt that someday I would find a relative who would love to have the book. It is a family bible that dates back to 1874. The bible belonged to one: Emily B Thrall 1874. In the book she list three births: Eugene B Thrall, July 25th 1875, Fred A Thrall Feb 21. 1877 and Lucien L Thrall Sept 29th, 1879. The book was her Bible with the old and new testament."
"I have had this bible in my possession for more years then I can remember (I'm 76), and one of the reasons I held on to it is, that somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that some day I would find a way to seek out the children or grandchildren of the person the bible belonged to. I just felt that they would be finding a lost treasure. And so, that day in my mind has arrived. I spent a lot of time searching the net until I found your site. For me, it will be the end of a long quest to find a proper place for the book. And I'm sure you will enjoy receiving it."

Family Bible

Family Bible of Emily Bowhanan and children.

Owner of originalDavid Thrale
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