I stumbled across your genealogy web site while searching for a PHP Gedcom viewer. It is very well done.

I have been looking for a content management system for my family web site. My site now has over 8000 pages, all manually created with the help of a few automation tools. The content management systems that I have seen so far are more oriented to youth and show a distinct amateurish look about them.

The content management system you use looks very professional ... no doubt the result of much work on your part. Would you mind sharing which content management system you are using?

PS. My ancestor, George Prevost, is from the the Isle of Jersey in the Channel Islands. Other than word of mouth history passed down from generation to generation, I have not been able to trace him to that island. It is known that he worked for Charles Robin and Co., a fishing company. Family history indicates that he was a ship's carpenter and originated from St. Ouen parish.


Andy Prevost

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Thank you for your very kind comments. I have gradually evolved the site over time, and have tried to give it a 'corporate look' rather than a home page look. Its nice to know that my efforts are appreciated. Thank you.

I received a similar question a few weeks ago and the answer isn't simple. I used a variety of techniques. I plan to do a 'how I did it' type page and I'll post this on as soon as I've done this. Hopefully this will help you.

I really like your new design - much much better than before. (Do check out Andy's site if you haven't seen it). I noticed some text and ideas from my site big_smile - imitation is the highest form of flattery, thanks.

If you don't mind I may come back to you for information about how you did your redesign. I'm sure that we can assist each other! Anyway I'll let you know when I've compiled the 'how I did it' page. owner: David Thrale | My blog | Family motto: In cruce confido