William Thrale of Chiswick (1738-93

Here is some information about William Thrale, a Chiswick brewer, which I hope is of interest.I put together a small exhibition on brewing in Chiswick for Hogarth's House iin the summer of 2012 and have now used the detailed research to write an article for the Brentford & Chiswick Local History Society's Journal 22 (Published May 2013 and available via the Society's website after that date.)I was intrigued to find a Thrale in Chiswick but found it hard to identify him. He was in fact a partner with two men named John Sich, father and Son, who ran the Lamb Brewery in Chiswick. The Sich family came from Essex with a home in Horndon on the Hill and land in Thurrock.Their first partnership was in 1773, with Henry Hawes and William Loveman; they described themselves as brewers, maltsters, coal merchants and corn chandlers. A new partnership with William Thrale, John Sich Senior and John Sich Junior existed by the time of the earliest surviving land tax records for Chiswick in 1780 (on Ancestry.co uk)William Thrale's death is recorded in the parish registers for St Nicholas Chiswick, but he is the only Thrale in the registers. A later generation of the Sich family included  chap with Thrale as his middle name, but I have not been able to find any marriage link between Thrale and Sich, only business and friendship.Val Bott