Mansfield and Nottingham Thralls

You may remember me, I contacted you a while ago about my Thrall ancestors in the Nottingham and Mansfield area. Thanks for your recent newsletter.

I wonder if you would let me have details of the seven or so names registered in the above areas. If these are yours there may be a connection there. I wasn't sure whether you meant they were yours or just registered as Thrale but would be interested to have details to see if they fit in with mine.

With one line of Thralls they only changed to Thrale in about 1847.

Margaret Pope


My list of Thrale and Thrall registered births so far only cover about 35 years (all I have time for so far!). I obtained these names whilst going through the UK GRO microfiche index of all Thrale births year by year (I am looking for the approx 21 siblings of my grandad). As there aren't that many Thrales in the index, I recorded all the Thrale's whether I know of them or not.

Unfortunately I do not yet know how or where the 'northern' Thrale's fit in to the main family tree. In the case of some 'southern' Thrales that I can't fit in to the main Thrale family tree, I at least have mini trees where someone has told me the basics, i.e. their name their father and grandfathers name etc. In the case of the northern Thrale's I have nothing so far. However I am sure that this will eventually improve! Do let me know what you can.

I am interested in how the Thralls changed to Thrale in 1847, can you tell me more?

Be interested to see if my line ties in with yours Nottingham Thrall's.

Duncan Weir

I was browsing the internet trying to find relations to Arthur Thrall who died in the first world war. I know he married an Emma in 1914 but wasn't sure about any family they had. I have now found the memorial to Frederick Thrall who died in 1943, and he was the son of Arthur and Emma.

Arthur Thrall was my grandfather's cousin and they lived in Derbyshire. My great-grandfather had a sister called Charlotte who married a George Thrall. In the family bible we have it is spelt Throle or Thrale, but looking at the census it is spelt Thrall. Arthur had brothers and sisters but I have not been able to trace them. My grandfather lived with Arthur for a time, but never mentioned any relations.

I would be interested to know if you have a family tree for this family?

Margaret Lang

I tried to contact you on the above email address, it just bounced back with errors.

Let me know your email address as I've got a lot of info on the Nottingham Thrall's and wonder if we can get them linked to yours.

Duncan Weir