Ninth generation

  • Posted on: 24 September 2009
  • By: David Thrale

The descendants of Lucian G. and Martha: WALTER G., in whom this line of genealogy now ends (June 1862,) was born in Columbus, Ohio, November 20, 1852. I have thus briefly traced this genealogy in a direct line through nine generations, embracing 247 years.

The Length of a Generation, the Ages of our Paternal Ancestors, and the number of their children

Name Length of Generation
William, the ancestor, was born in the year 1605; died aged 73 years; had 2 children.
Timothy, the first child of William, was born 1641; died aged 56 years; had 9 children, 36 yrs.
John 1st, the fifth child of Timothy, born 1671; died aged 61 years, 10 months; had 9 children, 30 yrs.
John 2d, the first child of John 1st, born 1699; died aged 63 years; had 8 children, 28 yrs.
Samuel, the fifth child of John 2d, born 1737; died 1737 aged 84 years, 9 months; had 9 children, 38 yrs.
Jesse, the sixth child of Samuel, born 1765; died aged 78 years, 7 months; had 5 children, 28 yrs.
Walter, the second child of Jesse, born 1794; yet living; had 7 children, 29 yrs.

The average length of a generation in this line has been 31½ years. It would be much less if it was traced through the first living child. The average age of the parents has been 69½ years. The average age is much less when we include all that are born. The average age of man, or the mean duration of life, says Dr. Bell, in his "Regimen and Longevity," page 23, was, in Geneva, where a register had been taken for 300 years, from 1560 to 1600, 21 years and 2 months; from 1600 to 1700, 25 years and 2 months; from 1700 to 1760, 32 years and 9 months; from J760 to 1833, 40 years and 5 months. Since 1833 it has been over 43 years. The average length of life in the Northern United States is over 43 years. The average is longer in the country than in cities. The extension of life has been attributed in part to the improvements in the healing art, the introduction of vaccination, &c.; but more particularly to the accumulation of the comforts of life, the better supply of wholesome food and clothing, which have greatly tended to lessen disease and death, which comforts increase, and life lengthens, as civilization progresses and knowledge diffuses over the land.

Thanks to Sharon Thrall Becker Sharon Thrall Becker, whose kind assistance and contribution helped to bring this information to you.