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  • By: David Thrale

Publication - Retrospection by Hester Lynch Piozzi
Hester's Retrospection was the first attempt by an Englishwoman to write a history of the world. Here is the index to Hester's book Retrospection that was published in 1801. A handful of chapters are also available, and where this is the case links are shown.

Chapter Volume one
Chapter I Containing the First Century; from Tiberius to Trajan.
Chapter II Containing the Second Century; from Trajan to Caracalla.
Chapter III From Caracalla to the Death of Alexander Severus. First Portion of the Third Century.
Chapter IV From the Death of Alexander Severus to A.D. 300, the Retreat of Dioclesian.
Chapter V From the Death of Dioclesian to the Death of Constantine the Great. Part of the Fourth Century.
Chapter VI From Constantine to Theodosius, A.D. 400
Chapter VII From Theodosius the Elder to the Death of Attila, about fifty Years.
Chapter VIII From the Death of Attila to A.D. 500.
Chapter IX To the Expulsion of the Gothick Kings. First Portion of the Sixth Century.
Chapter X From the Expulsion of the Gothick Kings by Belisarius, to A.D. 600.
Chapter XI From Good St. Gregory to the Death of Charles Martel, A.D. 700.
Chapter XII From the Birth of Charles Martel, A.D. 700 to Charlemagne, A.D. 800.
Chapter XIII From the Crowning of Charlemagne 800, to the Death of Alfred A.D. 900.
Chapter XIV From the Death of Alfred, A.D. 900 to the Foundation of the Turkish Empire under Tangrolipix, 1000, to the Time of the First Crusade, A.D. 1100.
Chapter XV From the first Founding of the Turkish Empire under Tangrolipix, 1000, to the Time of the First Crusade, A.D. 1100.
Chapter XVI From the Year 1097, First Crusade, to the Middle of the Twelfth Century, A.D. 1150.
Chapter XVII To the Year of our Lord 1200.
Chapter XVIII From the Year 1200 to 1230.
Chapter XIX Second Portion of the Thirteenth Century.
Chapter XX To the Year of our Lord 1300.
Chapter XXI From A.D. 1300, to the Year 1350, or nearly so.
Chapter XXII Ending with A.D. 1400.
Chapter XXIII From A.D. 1400 to the Year 1425.
Chapter XXIV To the Sacking of Constantinople, A.D. 1455, and its immediate Consequences.
Chapter Volume two
Chapter I Containing an Account of Jews, Turks, and Roman Empire, for forty-seven Years, from 1455 to 1492.
Chapter II Containing an Reviewal of England, France, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Scotland-- their Advancements from 1455 to 1492. The same Period of forty-seven years.
Chapter III Containing the Discoveries, &c. from A.D. 1492 to 1525.
Chapter IV Turks and Italians, French and English from 1492, to 1525.
Chapter V Popes, and the other European Princes, to .A. D. 1550.
Chapter VI Progress of Science, Progress of Discovery, and Turkish Empire reviewed, from 1550 to 1600.
Chapter VII Italy, Germany, Spain, England, Framce, and the North--Progress of Reformation--From A.D. 1550 to 1600.
Chapter VIII First Portion of the Seventeenth Century; its Effects on England, Scotland, Holland, France, and Portugal; with a Sketch of the Changes in Common Life, and Progress of Science.
Chapter iX Portugal, Persia, India, China, Turkey, Africa, and Rome, to 1650.
Chapter X Sweden, Germany, France, and America, down to 1650.
Chapter XI Great Britain only, down to 1650.
Chapter XII France, Spain, Sweden, Italy, from 1650 to 1700.
Chapter XIII East, West, and North, from 1650 to 1700--Progress of Science, Manners, &c.
Chapter XIV Spain, Portugal, Germany, Holland, and Great Britain, from 1650 to 1700.
Chapter XV Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Russia, and Turkey, from 1700 to 1725.
Chapter XVI France, England, Spain, Holland, Italy, and Austria, from 1700 to 1725.
Chapter XVII America, Asia, Africa, and General Sketch of Improvements in Europe, from 1725 to 1750.
Chapter XVIII Sketch of the Situation of Austria, Turkey, Russia, France, and Italy, from 1725 to 1750.
Chapter XIX Great Britain, Ireland, and America, from 1750 to 1780.

Retrospection: or, a review of the most striking and important events, characters, situations and their consequences, which the last eighteen hundred years have presented to the view of mankind by Hester Lynch Piozzi nee Thrale. Published 1801 in two volumes by John Stockdale . Full text available at Google books, Volume 1, Volume 2.

Hester Thrale's spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalisation, some of which may not conform to today's standards, are reproduced faithfully throughout. More writings by Hester Thrale